plug [plug]
[MDu plugge, a bung, plug, block, akin to Ger pflock]
1. an object used to stop up a hole, gap, outlet, etc.
2. a natural concretion or formation that stops up a passage, duct, etc.
3. a small wedge or segment cut from something, as from a melon to test its ripeness
a) a cake of pressed tobacco
b) a piece of chewing tobacco
5. an electrical connector, as with projecting prongs, designed to be fitted into an outlet, etc., thus making contact or closing a circuit
6. a kind of fishing lure
8. Informal a defective or shopworn article
9. Slang an old, worn-out horse
10. Informal a boost, advertisement, etc., esp. one inserted gratuitously in the noncommercial parts of a radio or TV program, magazine article, etc. for someone or something
11. Geol. igneous rock which has filled in the vent of a dead volcano and hardened: it is often exposed by erosion
plugged, plugging
1. to stop up or fill (a hole, gap, etc.) by inserting a plug: often with up
2. to insert a plug of (something) in a hole or gap
3. to cut a plug from (a melon) to test its ripeness
4. Informal
a) to publicize or boost (a song) by frequent performance
b) to advertise or publicize, esp. gratuitously in the noncommercial parts of a radio or TV program
5. Slang to shoot a bullet into
6. Slang to hit with the fist
1. Informal to work or study hard and steadily; plod
2. to connect with something so as to become attached, to close an electric circuit, etc.: with into
plug in
1. to connect (an electrical device) with an outlet, etc. by inserting a plug in a socket, jack, etc.
2. to be or become connected in this way
pull the plug Informal
1. to disconnect a device being used to maintain a terminal patient's life
2. to put an end to something: often with on

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